Welcome to Lundgren Red Angus

Welcome to Lundgren Red Angus. We are glad you stopped by! We started our registered Red Angus herd in 2016, though our families have a long history in the cattle industry. We chose to raise Red Angus because we believe in the goals of the breed, and the breed’s focus of providing for the commercial cattle industry.

Our foundation herd is small, but it is mighty. We are focused on superior genetics that provide the package that the commercial cattleman continues to look for in a herd bull. We breed for moderate frame, maternal traits, carcass merit, and structural soundness. We view all of our cattle through a critical eye, ensuring only the best reach our customers. We believe in the importance of utilizing the most effective tools and science available. All of our herd is DNA tested, ultrasound carcass scanned, we use GrowSafe to measure feed efficiency, and utilize the $Profit system for third party EPD evaluations on our bulls and females.

Check back frequently for fall and spring sale information. Private treaty offerings are occasionally available throughout the year. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Improve your herd with Brown Perseverance D347

We have been impressed with many of Brown Perseverance D347 first progeny. Brown Perseverance D347 was the leadoff Red Angus bull in the 2017 R.A. Brown Bull Sale. He provides a great genetic combination with double-digit Calving Ease, very low birth weight, a huge jump to a 101 on Yearling Weight, and a big GridMaster score. He comes in with a moderate-frame, great feet, and can bring a lot of profit potential to your operation

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