Our Story

Luke and Megan Lundgren married in 2014 and knew from the beginning they wanted the opportunity to raise cattle and live outside the hustle and bustle of the Oklahoma City metro area. In August of 2016 they were able to make that a reality, purchasing a home in Minco, Oklahoma. With thorough research, they determined the Red Angus breed the best fit for the operation they wanted to run.

While the Lundgren’s Red Angus operation has just begun, neither Luke or Megan are strangers to the cattle industry. Megan spent her early years growing up on Greer Ranch, where her father worked, off of the South Canadian River in the Tuttle/Newcastle, Oklahoma area. While her father was at Greer Ranch he had the opportunity to get to know George Chiga (American Red Angus Association founding member) who consulted on breeding with Greer Ranch. Her father, Crandall McLean, has worked for the Oklahoma National Stockyards since Greer Ranch closed in the early 90’s. Her father’s family cow/calf and hay operation, McLean Farms, continues to operate on the edges of the Flint Hills in Kansas, currently operated by her uncles, Jeff and Eric McLean.

Luke was born and raised in Parachute, Colorado where his father operated Lundgren Ranch, a 1000 head of cattle and 10,000 head of sheep operation. Luke’s father, Larry Lundgren, ran operations in Colorado, Mexico, and Canada at one time. He owned and operated a feedlot in Ordway, Colorado for several decades until a Tornado destroyed the feedlot. During the droughts of the mid 90’s, Larry decided to downsize by selling the ranch in Colorado and relocated to Rush Springs, Oklahoma bringing a small portion base herd and semi-retiring. In the early 2000’s, Luke and Larry closed out their herd, so Luke could pursue career opportunities in the oil and gas industry abroad.

The multigenerational operational being passed down from one generation to the next is becoming more and more rare. Luke and Megan are thankful they have the opportunity to create their own, while also tapping into the knowledge base of their families who have experienced the highs and lows of living and working in the cattle industry.